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What Do You Have to Do to Write a Literary Research Paper?

This way you can also get the topic you have selected approved as soon as possible. If you are planning a well-researched extended literary essay, then you do need a central argument where you can present your ideas and then prove them to the reader. There are several different ways that you can present your active idea and they are-an analysis, an evaluating judgment, or even a decisive evaluation of the literary tome you have selected.
Writing the thesis statement
Before you do write and present your book review than you should present your detailed thesis statement that reveals your perspective, your argument of your central question and the individual viewpoint and how you reached that idea.
What topics are good for research topics?
There are so many literature reviews that you can undertake you should not limit yourself to a single topic. Take a look at what you like in literature; is it prose or poetry or may be popular fiction. The best topic for a literature review is the one text that you have read yourself and like. This way your enthusiasm for what you are reading and why are defending it shines through. There are several ways that you can write a literature and text review and a few of the more popular ones are-
1. Discuss a group of characters in an interesting book like Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights who is central to the story and it offers a whole lot of avenues for exploration in the supporting case.
2. Compare and contrast different authors you like and why!
3. Explaining a literature with a philosophical perspective like explaining how a Freudian will read Hamlet.
4. Studies of historical events which take place in the literary works like a review of G.B. Shaw's Pygmalion which has the original Greek myth of Pygmalion or a Great Expectation which has the Depression in it.
5. An analysis of specific images which recur in literary and poetic works like the appearance of full moons in prose and poetry.
6. Using references to break down a controversial work to be understood.
7. Readings from historical perspectives
How to start research? Use the Internet to get in touch with different databases which carry the latest and most complete archive information on your chose literary work for review. Search out basic biographical data on the writers and their home situation and relatives at the time, histories of latest and old work, critic review and magazine articles.
You may not be able to get detailed and current information on the internet and you will have to refer to scholarly books, for complete info.
Please remember to use the MLA citation style when you are writing your literary research paper as its preferred by most professors!
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